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Ark, the citadel of the Bukharan rulers

2 Afrasiyab Street, Registan square, Bukhara

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Tours and Lectures


For those decided to visit the museums of Bukhara alone or with family or friends, the tour bureau offers thematic tours along the diverse exhibitions of the museum-preserve – both in the old section of the city and its suburbs. Read more

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General Information

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Information about Museum Departments

History department (from ancient time to early 20th century)

This is one of the oldest research departments in the museum, functioning since 1923. It also includes the archaeology section. The department’ s depository has about 14,000 objects. There are six members of the staff in the department. The department chair is M. Niyazova. Read more

Visitor information


The museum-preserve has a tour bureau, which is located at the Ark citadel. Its staff will answer your questions regarding the museum and its working conditions and offer various tours alongside the departments. Read more